You Should Hire a Local Personal Injury Law Firm
Rather Than A “Tv Law Firm” – Here’s Why

Millions of people each and every day are bombarded with TV, radio, billboard, and bus-stop advertisements from TV Law Firms – you know the ones!  This advertisement bombardment by the TV Law Firms leads many citizens to believe that these are the only law firms they can choose from to assist them with their personal injury claim.  They have no idea that local, preeminently qualified local law firms provide representation for personal injury claims.  Most importantly, the type of legal representation they receive from a TV Law Firm is vastly different than what they most likely expected at the outset of their case.    

The primary theme of the TV Law Firm advertisement bombardment is “bigger is better” – just because.  Take a moment to think of examples when bigger isn’t better.  Would you prefer a big or small home mortgage?  Would you rather call a business and speak with an actual person and get immediate assistance, or do you prefer calling an (800) telephone number and getting transferred multiple times before speaking to someone who can’t actually help you after all?

Let’s actually dive into, with specific examples, whether a big advertising TV Law Firm or a local, preeminent personal injury attorney is better for you and your family.  This is a critical choice, because the outcome of your personal injury claim oftentimes determines you and your family’s financial future.


When hiring a TV Law Firm, investigators or people called “Case Managers” are the ones who talk to you, meet with you, and sign you up as a client of their TV Law Firm.  Please note that none of these people are actually attorneys!  After signing you up as a client, your TV Law Firm then assigns your case to one of its attorneys – you don’t talk to, meet with, or even choose your own attorney!  As a result, the attorney chosen for you by your TV Law Firm could be fresh out of law school with little to no actual experience.

At GOLDMAN, TISEO & STURGES, P.A., from the initial telephone call to all follow-up office conferences, you work directly with a pre-eminently rated attorney with decades of experience to evaluate your claim.  Each and every personal injury attorney at our firm has at least 25 years experience.  Moreover, every attorney in our firm is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell, the primary rating service for attorneys in the United States since the 1880s.  Less than 4% of all U.S. attorneys achieve an AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell (learn more).  We are the only multi-member law firm in Charlotte County in which every attorney is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell.  At our firm, you choose and work with your experienced, preeminently rated, and preferred attorney every step of the way.


If you’ve signed up with a TV Law Firm and your personal injury claim progresses forward, you’ll be working almost exclusively with non-lawyer office staff.  Your Case Manager basically handles your claim up and until a lawsuit needs to be filed on your behalf.  Your Case Manager attempts to perform services that should be handled directly by a personal injury attorney.  Do you believe a Case Manager can resolve your claim with an insurance adjuster on better terms than a preeminently rated and experienced personal injury attorney who works on your personal injury claim directly?  Also, please consider that a TV Law Firm will charge you, at minimum, a 1/3 contingency fee from your injury recovery in attorney’s fees, even though an attorney with its firm has hardly looked at or worked on your personal injury claim.  What are you really paying for?

At GOLDMAN, TISEO & STURGES, P.A., your preeminently rated, experienced attorney handles your claim with you, directly and personally.  Every decision made to maximize your personal injury recovery comes from your attorney – not Case Managers, office staff, or secretaries.  When you hire a personal injury attorney, you have the right to not only choose your attorney, but also expect that your attorney is actually doing the work on your claim to maximize your recovery.


TV Law Firms set up small “satellite”, skeleton office sites throughout the State of Florida for their various firm locations.  The attorneys chosen to work at these smaller sites aren’t local attorneys.  They are not longtime residents of the area in which they now work.  These offices attempt to take much from the community (attorney’s fees), but what do they actually give back to the local community? 

At GOLDMAN, TISEO & STURGES, P.A., all of our attorneys grew up, went to public schools, and returned to Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda to raise our families.  We are lifetime residents of this community.  Our attorneys know the area, its roadways, and dangerous intersections, and we use this local knowledge to maximize our clients’ personal injury claim recoveries.  Because our attorneys grew up in the area, we also know and care about our fellow local citizens, who we consider our neighbors.  We take pride in being part of our local community and contributing to it on a daily basis.  Our local community isn’t a satellite office for our firm – this is our home.


Hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenue is spent each year in Florida by TV Law Firms.  They hire the best advertising minds in the country to figure out ways to “influence” viewer perceptions.  Their singular goal is driving business and revenue to TV Law Firms.

What is your general view on the overall nonstop bombardment of personal injury attorney advertising?  Are you tired of it, because it never ends?  Do you believe these nonstop advertisements paint personal injury attorneys in a favorable or unfavorable light?

At GOLDMAN, TISEO & STURGES, P.A., we dislike attorney advertising.  While it’s permitted for attorneys in Florida, we simply don’t like the overall negative perception we feel it brings to the legal profession.  Instead of relying on slick advertising campaigns, we allow referrals from satisfied clients and other local attorneys, as well as our stellar online ratings and reviews to do our talking for us.  The vast majority of our clients were referred by prior satisfied clients, referred by local attorneys who do not handle personal injury claims, or are people who take a few minutes to actually investigate, research, and objectively compare our law firm to the TV Law Firms.  Spending 30 minutes reviewing and comparing attorney ratings and online reviews from actual clients can be eye-opening.  It also gives you the power to choose, rather than have others choose for you, which personal injury attorney will work best with you and your family and provide the type of legal representation you deserve.

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