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Whether it’s a car crash, boating accident, or slip and fall incident, accidents are stressful and their aftermath can be chaotic. It’s difficult to know what to do to safeguard your legal rights and to obtain compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complex process of pursuing legal recourse.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Protect Your Legal Rights

Personal injury lawyers do everything possible to protect the rights of their clients. In practical terms, this can involve advising clients about what to say and what not to say after an accident. For example, you should never apologize to the other driver after a car crash, because this may be used as evidence of liability. If an insurance adjuster asks you to sign any forms, your personal injury attorney should review them first to ensure they are in your best interests. Furthermore, your lawyer can advise you of legal actions you may take before the statute of limitations on your case expires.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Negotiate on Your Behalf

Not every case results in litigation. It’s often possible to secure just compensation from the insurance company. However, insurance companies aren’t in the business of handing out substantial settlement checks to unrepresented victims. You’ll need a personal injury lawyer to negotiate for you.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Pursue Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries

If the insurance settlement is insufficient to adequately cover your losses, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer in Port Charlotte, FL, to pursue maximum compensation in court. Your lawyer will handle everything—from preparing the case to negotiating during settlement discussions, to arranging for expert witnesses. Usually, cases settle prior to trial. If your case does go to trial, you can count on your lawyer to vigorously argue on your behalf.

If you or a loved one has been injured, you need a personal injury lawyer who will represent you with integrity, while aggressively pursuing justice. At Goldman, Tiseo and Sturges, P.A., our personal injury lawyers in Port Charlotte, FL, have each achieved the AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell—a recognition of having reached the highest level of professional excellence. Contact our Port Charlotte injury lawyer today at (941) 625-6666 to request a free initial consultation.

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