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A personal injury lawyer provides legal guidance and representation to clients. This professional focuses on tort law, which involves civil matters such as negligence that results in injuries. A personal injury lawyer will generally handle multiple types of personal injury cases. These can include car accidents, motorcycle crashes, big rig accidents, and pedestrian cases.


One of the first roles a personal injury lawyer will fulfill is that of educator. In many cases, injured clients who visit a law firm have little to no experience with the legal system. They are unsure of what their options are and they might not even know whether they have the basis for a legal claim. The personal injury lawyer is responsible for evaluating the case, advising the client about their legal options, discussing the merits of those options, and answering the client’s questions. As a client, you should always feel free to ask your personal injury lawyer any questions you may have.

Advocate and Negotiator

Not all injury cases require a lawsuit. In fact, Florida is a no-fault state regarding car accidents. This means it’s necessary to first secure compensation from the injured person’s own insurance carrier. Injured passengers must seek compensation from the driver’s PIP coverage. Of course, it’s not in an insurance company’s best interests to pay in full. A personal injury lawyer must act as a committed advocate and skillful negotiator to help injured victims get the money they are entitled to.

Aggressive Litigator

If it does become necessary and possible to file a lawsuit, your personal injury lawyer will act as an aggressive litigator on your behalf. Note that most personal injury cases do not involve a jury verdict. Rather, your lawyer may negotiate a settlement. Regardless of the path your case takes, having a personal injury lawyer on your side can greatly increase your chances of getting paid what you’re entitled to.

At Goldman, Tiseo and Sturges, P.A., we take a hands-on approach to each case. We work closely with our clients to help them confidently navigate the legal system. When you work with a personal injury lawyer at our firm, you can expect uncompromising ethics and aggressive representation designed to bring results. Contact us in Port Charlotte at (941) 625-6666 to request your free initial consultation with an AV-rated personal injury lawyer.

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