Types of Real Estate Litigation Disputes

Real Estate Litigation is an incredibly vast, specialized, and complicated area of legal practice.  As such, it is imperative in real estate litigation matters to hire an attorney with a wealth of experience and knowledge litigating real estate disputes. 

Types of Real Estate Litigation Disputes

As stated previously, there are many different types of real estate disputes that can spur the need for litigation. Some common examples of real estate litigation matters are. 

  • Mortgage Disputes/Foreclosure Issues– Mortgage disputes occur between a mortgage lender and a mortgage borrower typically related to allegation of non-payment by the borrower.
  • Breach of Contract– A breach of contract, for both sales or lease contracts, is the most common reason why commercial or residential real estate litigation occurs.
  • Quiet Title– When multiple parties claim an ownership in interest in real estate, a quiet title action “clears” up the dispute.
  • Construction Litigation-Disputes between contractors or subcontractors with a property owner.

Consider Their Credentials

While a general legal practitioner may be able to give basic advice regarding real estate disputes, they may not have extensive experience litigating these matters through trial.  An experienced, local attorney familiar with local courts and experienced with litigating these disputes will best assist you with your individual needs. At Goldman, Tiseo, and Sturges, P.A., we understand how confusing and tiring it can be to deal with all the nuances of real estate law. Our AV-rated lawyers offer results-oriented legal services to help you achieve the best possible resolution in any real estate dispute you may have.  Please contact us in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, or Englewood at (941) 625-6666 to discuss how we can help you with your potential real estate related litigation matter.

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