Common Distractions While Driving

Since 2015, distracted driving fatalities have increased by 36.53%. The more distracted a driver is, the more likely an accident will occur.  Accidents caused by distraction are particularly dangerous, because oftentimes no evasive maneuvers or braking take place before impact.  Below are common categories of distracted driving, which need to be avoided at all times.

Cognitive Distraction:

This category is defined by drivers who are lost in thought, completely cognitively detached from the task at hand, or daydreaming while operating a motor vehicle.  Lack of sleep and stressful workdays are the most common causes of cognitive distractions.

Cell Phone Use:

Approximately 23.6% of all distracted driving accidents involve cell phone use.  Ever since cell phones became commonly owned in the U.S., distracted driving accidents brought about by cell phone usage have increased every year.  Death or serious injury are substantially more likely results of an accident caused by a distracted driver using a cell phone.  To put this into perspective, checking a standard sized text message while driving at 55 mph is equivalent to driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed.

Manual Distractions:

This category is defined by a driver looking at or for objects within their car while driving, rather than watching the road.  Reaching for food, finding cosmetics in a purse, searching for something in the glove compartment, adjusting vehicle control settings, smoking, and reading work materials while driving all qualify as manual distractions. 

Causing a distracted driving accident can potentially lead to civil liability if you injure another person.  Criminal charges and penalties may also be imposed if the circumstances and/or level of injuries caused in the accident qualify.  But most importantly, the safety of you, your vehicle occupants, and everyone else you come into contact with on the road are at stake every time you get behind the wheel.  Seriously injuring yourself, a loved one, or even a complete stranger can have devastating consequences on everyone involved in such a serious accident.  Sadly, while distracted driving is easily preventable, each year we see distracted driving caused accident statistics continue to rise.

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