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In most instances, individuals and businesses are able to resolve their own disputes without the assistance of attorneys or the court system.  However, when this does not occur, we stand ready as an advocate for our clients and to provide aggressive representation.

Experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers

While disputes are often ultimately resolved through negotiation rather than trial, negotiating a settlement from a position of strength is of the utmost importance.  Settlements are generally ideal because they are more cost-effective and certain than trial; however, your and your attorney’s ability and willingness to ultimately try your case if necessary is your most important settlement tool.  In order to achieve this goal and gain the most favorable result possible, we assist our clients by developing a comprehensive strategy to their claim, working closely with our clients, paying attention to detail in each and every dispute, and providing the most cost-efficient services possible.

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The experience, skill, and integrity of the representation we provide our clients is confirmed by our firm’s AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest and most prestigious ranking awarded by the nation’s leading legal directory.  Our rating is based on the confidential opinions of other local attorneys and local judges who are best suited to assess the legal abilities of our firm.

Civil Litigation Trial Experience

If your claim still cannot be resolved through negotiated settlement, then we stand ready, willing, and able to represent your legal interests at trial.

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