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    Statement of Clients’ Rights

    1. As our Martindale-Hubbell AV rating demonstrates, you will receive skilled and diligent legal service in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession.
    2. As our Martindale-Hubbell AV rating demonstrates, we will conduct ourselves ethically in accordance with the Florida Bar’s Code of Professional Responsibility.
    3. Your telephone calls will be returned promptly, and your questions and concerns will be directly addressed.
    4. We will consistently keep you informed as to the status of your legal matter, because your direct involvement in your case allows us to provide you the best possible legal representation.
    5. You will be treated with courtesy and consideration by every member of our firm.
    6. At the very outset of representation, attorney and client will first agree on exactly how fees will be computed, and the manner and frequency of billing.
    7. You will receive independent professional judgment and undivided loyalty from our firm which is un-compromised by conflicts of interest.
    8. You, as the client, always make the final decision on whether your legal matter will be settled through compromise or decided at trial. While we will provide you with straight-forward advice based on our experience, you ultimately have the final say as to how your case resolves.
    9. Your legal matter will be kept confidential by our entire office, to the extent permitted by law.
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    The Martindale-Hubbell Rating system is the quintessential benchmark for reviewing & rating lawyers. All of our lawyers hold the HIGHEST AV rating qualification possible. LEARN MORE about how our ratings benefit you when it comes time in choosing legal representation.