Automobile Accident Claims and The Importance of Dash-Cam Evidence

A dash-cam is a camera mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle that records events in real-time.  Oftentimes, these ingenious cameras capture automobile, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents on camera.


Dash-cam evidence is generally admissible in court, and extremely valuable evidence.  Florida courts allow the use of dash-cam footage in a personal injury or property damage claim if:

              *There is a direct connection between the footage and your case

              *The video is clear and convincing

              *You swear to the video’s authenticity under oath

If these requirements are met, your dash-cam video evidence can be presented in court to support your personal injury claim.


Any personal injury claim related to an automobile, motorcycle, pedestrian, or bicycle accident must establish who caused the accident that injured you.  The party who causes an accident (and their insurance carrier) are responsible for compensating those injured due to their negligence.  Evidence of who caused an accident is critical to your personal injury claim.  Your attorney with GTS will gather as much evidence as possible to prove who caused your accident.  The most common ways of proving who caused an accident are:

              *Dash-cam video

              *Interviewing witnesses of an accident

              *Reviewing police report information

              *Reviewing red-light camera recordings

              *Reviewing business video footage or RING doorbell footage

              *Hiring accident reconstruction experts (when necessary)


Dash-cam footage is powerful evidence.  It shows, in real-time, exactly what happened during your accident.  A video that shows you being cut off, another vehicle running a stop sign, or another vehicle refusing to yield the right of way is critical evidence to show a jury when a trial is necessary.  Dash-cam video is not really subject to opinion (as witness testimony might be).  Much like watching bank robbery footage that shows the perpetrators on film in the middle of the robbery, dash-cam video oftentimes shows exactly what happened, and eliminates any attempts by the at fault party to come up with “alternative facts” of how the accident happened.

In the case of a hit-and-run accident, dash-cam evidence sometimes captures the year, make, and tag number of the vehicle that struck you.  Law enforcement can then track down the vehicle that struck you and fled.  Your GTS attorney and your insurance carrier can then track down the offending driver and obtain their automobile insurance information which can assist you compensate you for your injuries.  If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, contact GTS, and learn how our experienced, Southwest Florida personal injury lawyers can help you recover appropriate compensation.  Your consultation is FREE, and we receive no attorney’s fees or costs unless we obtain a recovery for you.  Please dial 941.625.6666 for your FREE consultation.

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